Why have we been chosen by over 500 companies?
2019 Elit-Taxi company is the best in the safety and quality of taxi services according to the results of monitoring of the Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management (UIAMP) among more than 25 companies participating in the study.*
Control of trips
Thanks to our long-term experience we offer to our clients several convenient options of controlling trips, which makes it impossible to use the services of third parties outside your company, or to those for whom this possibility is not available.
Full package of documents
Using our services you receive from us monthly a full package of all necessary documents. All information about your expenses and orders details can be obtained in the personal account of the corporate client.
To your choice we offer cars in the segment standard, business and premium class. Also, for the convenience of our clients, cars are equipped with POS terminals with with contactless PayPass technology.
All drivers of the Elit-Taxi Service work legally, have a valid license to provide services for the transportation of passengers by taxi in Kyiv, and the car is equipped with all necessary means of control, according to the current legislation of Ukraine.
All our Service cars are obligatory annual technical control of the vehicle at certified inspection stations and have functioning airbags and seat belts.
In each car, the driver always has obligatory package of insurance, which includes an insurance contract for the driver, passengers in accordance with the number of passengers in the vehicle and the obligatory policy for the Kyiv taxi car.
We care about the image of our client, so all cars appropriate appearance. We employ Japanese and European cars, no older than 10 years old, which are additionally and regularly checked for internal and external condition according to our quality criteria.
Using our services you can be sure that all our drivers - not only professionals, but also adequate, polite people who know Kyiv well, because to cooperate with us they undergo a thorough internal review.
Already benefit from our services
Elit-Taxi to Corporate Customers by bank transfer
Why is it profitable?
Elit-Taxi company was one of the first to develop and implement the service of corporate taxi in Kiev market. For more than 10 years of work in the corporate taxi services segment we were able to create a convenient and reliable scheme of cooperation with our business clients, the effectiveness of which was recognized by more than 500 companies, which for many years have been our regular customers. Corporate taxi from the Elit-Taxi Service allows you to optimize and significantly reduce costs. What benefits do you get by cooperating with us?
  • No longer need to maintain your own vehicle fleet.
  • Reduction of salary costs for own drivers.
  • It is not necessary to constantly consider depreciation and fuel costs.
  • No need to plan logistics.
  • Significant reduction a load on accounting department.
But by cooperating with us, you get a really high-quality level of service, tested by the time and number of regular clients, and also, can substantially optimize your expenses and the load on your own accounting department. Having doubts? Contact us
Our possibilities
Our company provides an opportunity for your employees to comfortable and safe to move around the city, which will accelerate all the business processes of your company.
Meeting of guests
Our drivers will meet your business partners or company guests at the airport or railway station and will be taken to the address on time.
Delivery of documents
Many companies use the services of our Service as an urgent and reliable delivery of documents or other important items.
Minivans and minibuses
In our company, not only cars are available for ordering, but also comfortable minivans and minibuses ** to provide comfortable trip of a large number of people.
Meeting of foreign partners
You can order premium cars of certain models with an English-speaking driver to meet foreign business partners.
Sober Driver
If you are driving your own car, but you have an urgent business meeting, you can use the Sober Driver service, which will take you and your car safely and conveniently to the necessary place.
Possibilities of corporate client’s electronic account:
Total control of all orders of the company.
Information about the balance of the company in real time.
Quickly create a trips report for a selected period of time.
Convenient formation of invoice for a prepayment.
Monthly report for travel expenses (to e-mail and original with stamp and signature), namely:
  • In Excel: a trip report indicating the date, time of order, phone number from which the order was made, name of the client and passenger, route, notes on the order, tariff (not an accounting document).
  • Work completion statements on totaling.
  • Mutual settlements act.
Questions left?
Ready to answer your questions
Corporate Account Manager
Larysa Orlova
Natalia Shestakova
Olesia Pilhanchuk
* https://uiamp.org.ua/uk/node/11813

** preferably to order a minibus in advance